Computers have now become one of the basic needs of our daily life. With the rise in the popularity of computers, the companies which offer computer services are also increasing in great number. A computer is a programmable machine which uses different codes to operate. A computer cannot work by itself. You have to give it certain commands and it will process you commands and complete the work. A computer's processing unit execute instructions and make it read; work on these instructions and store data. The first use of word 'computer' was recorded in 1613, which is referred to the person who perform calculation, and computation and this word had some meaning till the mid of twentieth century. From the mid of 19 centuries, the word computer was used for machine that made the calculations and store data. The first electronic computer was made in the mid of 20 centuries (1940 - 1945). Early computers perform limited functions and they had many low storage space. The features of modern computers which distinguish them from all of the other mechanical devices are that it can be programmed. With the advancement of technology and computers, the computer began to process the calculations fast and it could store more data as compared to their early models. This is also one of the greatest reasons of increase in the computer services organizations. Computer services organization of the type of organizations which handle all the faults that arise on your computer and provide you services regarding programming, web related problems and faults in operating system. Computer repair services are provided by many companies and individual all over the world. If you have a good knowledge of computer you can also repair your computer. Repairing the computer is a very tough job and if you try to do this job all by yourself, you might end up in making the problem worse. So, unless you are fully assured that you can solve the problem then you should try to do it but if it is the other way around you must leave this work to a computer expert or professional.